Israeli survivors of the war with Hamas spoke at YSU and the Jewish Community Center to share their stories of terror and survival.

The Israeli citizens experienced first hand the attack from Hamas on Israel, which sparked the now months-long war between Israel and Hamas. 

The survivors detailed the chaos that followed in the aftermath of the attack.

This included Giti Botera, who talked how her and her four year old daughter hid in their home for over 9 hours waiting to be rescued--before ultimately being forced to leave.

"You sit in your safety place, in your home and some people come and try and murder you," Botera said. 

Botera adds that she and her daughter have been living in a hotel for the last five months.

During the talk held at YSU, some supporters of the Palestinians rose to ask questions about Israel's military response, particularly with regard to civilian casualties. 

That discussion grew heated, with one of the Israelis standing up and saying the pro-Palestinians were spreading "propaganda." 

The Palestinian supporters ultimately rose and walked out of the session.