Another step has been taken to clean up the water ways impacted by the Norfolk Southern train derailment last year.

Beginning Monday, Norfolk Southern is slated to begin sediment cleanup of Sulphur Run in accordance to an EPA cleanup plan approved March 1.

With EPA and Ohio EPA oversight, the company will begin removing residual oil discharged during the derailment by conducting stream, sediment washing and physical removal of sediments, according to an update from the EPA's East Palestine Derailment Emergency Response team.

In the following weeks, the Ohio EPA says the process of returning the natural flow of water back into Sulphur Run will begin and it is expected to take several months.

The agency says it will begin testing the north and south ditches along the train tracks to ensure contamination in the soil no longer exists. This process will repeat for nine areas until water flow is fully restored.

Meanwhile, cleanup for Leslie Run is still in the planning stage. 

The team says that while ecological conditions in both Sulphur Run and Leslie Run's streams are improving, both areas have oil sheening.