An appeal filed in federal court has been denied by a judge in relation to lawsuits claiming the Trumbull County Commissioners created a "hostile and abusive work environment."

Judge Mary Jane Trapp of the 11th District Court of Appeals denied it stating the appellant, Christine Glenn, made it without merit Monday, March 25.

Glenn originally filed the lawsuit alleging age and ancestry discrimination against the commissioners, specifically Niki Frenchko. However, this was dismissed in 2023 in the US District Court Northern District of Ohio Eastern Division buy Judge Charles E. Fleming.

Fleming dismissed the lawsuit stating that the Age Discrimination Act requires injury to the plaintiff, which would fall under loss of employment or loss of promotion, unpaid wages, or unpaid overtime compensation. Glenn showed no proof of loss of wages.

Since there was no change in Glenn's employment status or income, the judge rules she failed to state a claim which proved her claim of loss.

Glenn retired the following month, after her case was dismissed.

Additionally, an appeal filed by Lisa DeNuzio Blair was denied in federal court last month.

Blair originally sued the commissioners, specifically Frenchko, for discrimination and defamation. She claimed she was denied a promotion to an assistant clerk position in retaliation for filing a complaint against Frenchko.

This case was dismissed last year also, with the judge saying Frenchko was not acting on behalf of the commissioners when she engaged in the conduct alleged by Blair.

Frenchko has denied the allegations by Blair.