Folks in the City of Warren could soon have a new place to enjoy alcoholic beverages outside.

Elected officials in Warren have been presented with a plan for a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) and have reached an initial agreement as of Friday, April 5.

Ohio Land Bank Executive Director Shawn Carvin told 21 News this DORA would encompass the main entertainment district in Downtown Warren. 

Carvin said most local bars and restaurants in downtown Warren had signed a petition in support of the DORA and that petition is now in the hands of Mayor Doug Franklin.

From there, the proposal will be sent to city council to see if they will create a resolution to implement the DORA. Carvin said there is no official time frame for this, but hopes it happens within the next month or so.

"There's been talk for a number of years now in reference to a DORA," said Eddie Colbert, Director of Public Safety and Service for the City of Warren. "There is a group progressing this and submitting their ideas to the city for further review. 

Safety Services Director Eddie Colbert told 21 News the details, including the location of the DORA are still very premature.

"You'd want this to facilitate growth for your downtown and your city as a whole," Colbert told 21 News. "Right now, before a final plan is presented, it's hard to comment on a 'yay' or a 'nay' as they're sifting through what could work here or what may not work here. Anything that's presented will be brought forward to city council for consideration."

Carvin tells us he believes a DORA will greatly help with Warren's local economy since other Valley communities such as the City of Columbiana have benefited from implementing DORAs in their communities.

"If we can come up with an amicable agreement [regarding the times, dates, locations, etc.] then that plan would then be passed onto council for consideration," Colbert said. 

Businesses in the Courthouse Square district, including West & Main had no comment on the DORA concept on Monday. 

Colbert told 21 News there are a few meetings the week of April 15 to further discuss the concept.