A 74-year-old will be charged with a misdemeanor of inducing a panic after a standoff Saturday morning at a Circle K in Bazetta Township.
Bazetta Police say their officers, along with law enforcement officers from Cortland, the Trumbull Sheriff's Office and Ohio Highway Patrol rushed to the Circle K at State Route 5 and 46 in Cortland after receiving a 911 call that a man had walked into the store with a pistol and ordered everyone out.
Police stopped traffic at Elm Road and 46 in case the suspect started shooting which could put drivers and their passengers at risk.
Police, deputies and officers with OSHP surrounded the store, rifles were out pointing in the direction of Circle K in case the man started firing. 
When police arrived on scene, officers were able to make contact with the male via cell phone. The male told police he did not wish to negotiate with them and just wanted to be heard.
The male told police that he wanted his former co-workers to manage his finances, his dog and other affairs after he was gone and apologized repeatedly. Police say the man appeared to have no plans for the future and seemed adamant about ending his life.
Police say the man began to worry about getting arrested if he were to surrender himself and the firearm. He then told police he needed to think and abruptly hung up the phone according to the report.
After police were able to safely get the man out of the store, employees locked the doors and put a sign on the door stating they would be closed until 2:00 p.m.
The Vienna resident was rushed by ambulance to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. 21 News has chosen not to release the name of the male because at this time, there does not appear to have been any intention or effort to harm anyone other than himself. 
Witnesses and workers were interviewed by police.
According to the police report, he is due in the Trumbull County Central District Court April 26.
No one was hurt during the standoff.