Meijer is making improvements to its military leave benefits for active-duty team members on military leave.

The goal is to make the transition from employment to deployment as smooth as possible, according to a news release by Meijer.

Two key benefits are impacted by these improvements, including increased differential pay and extended health care coverage.

Active-duty employees will now get a 100% income replacement for up to nine months for deployed military members who have been with the company for at least a year.

Those with less than a year will get the same percentage of assistance for up to three months.

Meijer says this benefit can be used multiple times throughout the employee's career with no max limit.

Additionally, the company is extending health benefits for up to nine months after they leave for active duty to help alleviate the stress of deployment.

Meijer actively supports several veteran's groups and veteran-affiliated nonprofits across the Midwest, the news release says.

Among other things, in 2020, Meijer launched mVets, a Team Member Resource Group, to help attract, develop, and retain members of the armed forces and their families as team members and customers.