21 WFMJ archives / May 8, 1984 | Volunteers from throughout Trumbull County were honored 40 years ago at a luncheon hosted by the United Way of Trumbull County.  William Mottice, executive director of the Trumbull Chapter of the American Red Cross, presented a pin to Sarah Shelar of Niles for 40 years of volunteering. She was one of only three country residents to receive the Clara Barton Medal for outstanding volunteer service. Looking on is Mary Jane Dell, director of the Red Cross Niles branch.

May 10 

1999: Sandra DiBacco-Tusinac, the director of the Trumbull County Joint Vocational School, is hired as superintendent of Struthers Schools. 

Salem city officials are exploring the possibility of creating a program that would use state or federal dollars to raze houses that have fallen into disrepair.

U.S. District Judge Peter Economus of Youngstown is among four Ohioans receiving the Ellis Island Medal of Honor recognizing their patriotic and professional contributions.  

1984: A man and a woman from Alliance receive 18-month prison terms for leading a 16-year-old runaway Oregon girl into a life of prostitution. The girl was arrested at an Austintown truck stop. 

Warren City Council unanimously approves a 20-year master plan to develop a Braceville Township Airport, and must next decide whether to buy the privately owned field. 

The Ungaro administration wants to spend an estimated $40,000 to build eight office spaces in the Plaza Place municipal parking garage with the hope of attracting tenants. 

1974: The Federal Housing Authority is urged by Eastgate Development and Transportation Agency to guarantee loans totaling $5.1 million for two low-income housing projects in Warren and one for $1.6 million in Youngstown.

Trumbull County commissioners object to Youngstown's plan to raise Lake Milton to its summer level, saying that filling the reservoir would create a safety hazard for communities downstream. 

Antique and classic cars, ranging from a 1909 Maxwell to a 1957 Nash Ambassador, are displayed at a car show at Idora Park. 

1949: The deaths of Harry Biery and Dick Betz, whose car rammed a bridge abutment near Columbiana, spark a community outcry against hot-rodding by teenage drivers.

Theodore Katula, defeated for president of Campbell City Council by one vote, asks the board of elections for a recount. Thomas Cernock got 2,615 votes; Katula, 2,614.

The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad's fine new coach train, the Columbian, attracts hundreds of Youngstowners when it is put on display at the B&O station.