Mahoning County Common Pleas Judge Maureen Sweeney handed down a sentence Thursday to a man convicted of firing shots that killed Jacob Moore on a Youngstown Street.

Twenty-year-old Mehki Venable was sentenced to 23 years to life in prison followed by five years of probation with credit for 183 days of jail time on one count of murder with three-year and five-year firearm specifications.

This was the sentence recommended by the prosecution.

During the sentencing, the prosecution told Judge Sweeney that Venable's actions have had a significant impact on Moore's family noting that his fiance was pregnant at the time so Moore never could have met his son.

Venable addressed the court apologizing to Moore's family and called himself a "lost soul."

"I feel bad for that baby, because he's going to have to grow up without a father and I know how that feels because I grew up without a father in my life," Venable said. 

It was just last month that a jury found Venable guilty of the murder. Since a gun was used to commit the crime, three more years could be added to Venable's sentence.

Moore was gunned down along New York Avenue on September 2022 after meeting with Venable for a pre-arranged fight.