When a Boardman contractor was sentenced on theft charges stemming from incomplete work, 21 News reported that he had paid all of his victims restitution.

While Bartos was indeed ordered to pay his victims some form of restitution, there are still several clients that have not been paid in full yet. 21 News has found cases in several courts showing outstanding debts that still need to be paid by Bartos.

In Mahoning County, one individual plaintiff is still owed $3,200. In another case, Ohio v. Bartos, he still owes $155,210 and in a third case involving the American Builders and Contractors Supply Co., Bartos still owes $104,923.

In the Struthers Municipal Court, one plaintiff is still owed $1,900, in Trumbull County, Bartos still owes $190.12 to the Ohio Department of Taxation and in Columbiana County, Bartos still owes $3,000.

Bartos was convicted of theft in all three Valley counties and currently has a new case pending against him in Columbiana County. He's currently serving jail time on his Columbiana County conviction.