The investigation continues after Tuesday's deadly explosion at the Realty Building in Downtown Youngstown. We got a firsthand look at what the firefighters and emergency responders faced within minutes of arriving on scene.

On WFMJ Weekend Today, Sydney Canty sat down with first responders who reflected on the chaotic scene.

"I think the biggest thing is our firefighters, some of them were very new to the job that were arriving on scene. That was a very hectic scene for our guys but they did what we do and they got off the trucks never skipped a beat, they went to work," said Jon Racco, Youngstown Professional Firefighters Local 312 President. "We couldn't be more proud of the work that they did," he said.

Jake Emery, Local 312 Union Vice President, with his crew was the third truck to arrive on scene. He said they searched five floors of the building that could have come down at any moment.

"We all had jobs to do, we used our ladder truck to gain access to the rear of the building and myself and the other firefighter who was, as John said, a new guy to the department, he did great," Emery said. "I think all the crews that were there did great by doing primary searches all through 13 floors in that building," he said.


"That was in the back of I think all of our heads, we have a responsibility to take care of the city and then the residents there," Emery said. "But at the same time protect our you know, protect the firefighters on scene and that was of course a concern for us. We worked quick and we worked safe," he said.

"It's taxing on our system, it's taxing on our firefighters," Racco said. "It's a lot at one chaotic time. Experience, training really helps us," he said.

Racco said he's very proud of the work his firefighters have done.

"Most of those guys will tell you that they're not heroes, they're just doing their their jobs. That's the firefighter way," Racco said. "They are heroes, and it's our duty and our positions to always look out for them," he said.

Racco said what matter's most though, is having resources on scene and enough firefighters to lend a hand