As vacant buildings line the streets of downtown Salem, the mayor is hoping a state-backed plan to allow more liquor licenses will bring people with it.

The revitalization district would allow up to 15 liquor licenses to be issued within a two miles radius downtown.

The Revitalization District plan is a segment of the Ohio Revised Code section 4301.81 that “includes a combination of entertainment, retail, educational, sporting, social, and cultural or arts opportunities for the community." 

"The purpose of that is to have a certain area that they can start using for development,", Salem Mayor Cyndi Baronzzi Dickey told 21 News. 

The hope is to breathe new life into the city's business district. This plan aims to create space where businesses that sell food can open with a limited liquor license.

State regulations such as background checks would still be in effect under this proposed ordinance.

"The rule is that they have to have the majority of their business through food sales, but then they can also have this limited liquor license." Baronzzi Dickey said. 

"We have had a lot of interest in the city of Salem recently for developing restaurants and facilities that would sell alcohol and we want that business. We want people to come to Salem. This is just another tool to aid [the] businesses who want to come here and who are already here." Baronzzi Dickey said. 

Before a final decision is made, a public hearing and vote is required. A public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday evening.