21 WFMJ archives  / June 1, 1986 | Students from St. Brendan School admired a painting over the fireplace in the Arms Museum during a tour of the Wick Avenue landmark 38 years ago.

June 7

1999: The Columbiana County Sheriff's Department has received a $9,000 state grant to pay overtime so that deputies can serve a backlog of 1,600 unserved arrest warrants, some two years old. 

Dr. John Melnick gives Youngstown State University $500,000 toward the purchase of the former ITT building on Wick Avenue, which he hopes will be developed into a medical museum. 

Sky Bank, which has acquired the 132-year-old Youngstown bank and Citizens Banking Co. of Salineville, will move Mahoning National Bank's headquarters from downtown Youngstown to Salineville. 
1984: A group of local financial institutions combine to urge Congress and the Reagan administration to "Fix the Federal Deficit Now." The national debt is $1.4 trillion, on track to reach $2.6 trillion by 1989. The institutions are First Federal Savings, Home Savings, State Savings and Metropolitan Savings Bank. 

Public pressure causes Niles City Council to abandon plans for drilling gas and oil wells in Stevens Park and Union Cemetery. 

For the first time in a half-century, the swimming pool in Niles Waddell Park will not open for the summer. It is suffering from deterioration and a lack of money for repairs. 
1974: Youngstown Police Chief Donald Baker says a sergeant and two patrolmen are arrested on criminal charges arising from an investigation into officer involvement in burglaries in the city. 

For the second time in less than a year, Youngstown police raided Joey Naples's numbers operations, confiscating 1,200 betting slips worth $5,900. Two of Naples' bankers and two runners were arrested. 

The owner of a Belmont Avenue market is arrested after a 22-year-old man was shot and wounded during an argument over prices. 

1949: A posse of 50 highway patrolmen, sheriff's deputies, and city police are searching the wooded hills southeast of Salem for two gaunt, unshaven men who forced an Egypt Road woman to give them food. Their descriptions match two of the three escaped prisoners from the West Virginia penitentiary who remain at large. 

The map of the first plot of Kirkmere Homeowners Inc. housing development is signed on the fifth anniversary of D-Day. There are 13 lots on a street named Normandy Drive in memory of the first D-Day beachhead. 

Two Thornton Avenue truck drivers angered over petty thefts from their tractor trailers lay in wait for the culprit and capture a 10-year-old boy.