A map prepared by a structural engineer shows a danger zone that includes buildings and streets within more than 200 feet of Youngstown’s Realty Tower, should the blast-damaged building collapse

A report compiled by Barber and Hoffman Consulting Engineers concludes that the Realty Tower is in a dangerous condition and is in imminent danger of collapse unless there are modifications to the ground floor structure.

 Plans are already underway to evacuate the nearby International Towers apartments, a high-rise for the elderly and disabled.  The Bistro 1907 restaurant in the Doubletree Hotel is closed until further notice.  Both buildings are inside the collapse hazard zone, which includes the southern portion of Central Square, extending to just outside the OH WOW! Children’s Museum.

The report found that the ground floor, as well as the north and west sidewalk vaults, have collapsed in several areas.

Several of the building’s columns are now only braced by a steel beam in one direction, due to the partial floor collapse.

The elevator shaft walls have failed, and the metal panel façade on a 2005 addition is no longer securely attached to some of the supporting structures on the upper floors.

The engineering report recommends that the city close all buildings within a 210' radius of the building including the International Towers Apartment Building, and the DoubleTree Hotel, and set a collapse hazard zone of the same distance.

The building closure and the collapse hazard zone are recommended to be in place until the building is demolished or made safe by temporary bracing on the ground floor.

In addition to the collapse hazard zone, the report recommends that metal panels not securely attached to the building be removed.

The Realty Tower owner and their structural engineer will determine the required remediations to eliminate the dangerous condition.

In addition to damaging the building, the May 28th blast killed Chase Bank worker Akil Drake and injured several others.

The National Transportation Safety Board and OSHA are investigating.