Police in Youngstown say around 30 shots were fired when a man was shot in the hand and stabbed while trying to break up with his girlfriend.

According to a police report, police responded to St. Elizabeth Hospital for a shooting victim with a gunshot wound in his left hand and a stab wound to his back. Police say he was in stable condition.

Police say the man was at the corner of West Evergreen and Oak Hill Avenue fighting with his girlfriend trying to break up with her with the man telling police his girlfriend was "irate."

The man told police he tried to walk away to avoid confrontation, but his girlfriend chased after him with scissors and swung the scissors at him striking his back.

After this, police say three to four cars pulled up occupied by the girlfriend's five brothers. Police say the five brothers fired around 30 shots at the man. The man did not know the names of the five brothers.

Police say the man was passed out in a wooded area of Chicago Avenue for an unknown amount of time until he was helped by a passerby who brought him to a porch where another person drove him to the hospital.

A separate police report mentions multiple shell casings found in an area on the 100 Block of Chicago Avenue and a house that was struck by gunfire. Police say the house was not occupied.

It is unknown if these shell casings were from the incident.

The report does not list any arrests made in reference to the shooting, but police say the victim was arrested on a warrant following his treatment.