21 WFMJ archives  / June 13, 1980Lowellville High School was portrayed in a Vindicator feature 44 years ago as a small school with big expectations of its students. Among the faculty and students pictured was band director Lou Carbone with some of his award-winning musicians: seated, Gina Bisconti, Teresa Siva, and Missy Piner; standing, Roseann Lellio, Eric Uphouse, and Joe Ballone. Thirty percent of the school’s students participated in band.

June 16 

1999: Scott A. Group of Struthers, who was convicted of murdering Robert Lozier, owner of The Downtown Bar, says he doesn't want to appeal his death sentence and volunteers to be the next man executed by the State of Ohio. 

A committee studying the possible merger of Sharon, Hermitage, Farrell, and Sharpsville says it will give Wheatland a month to decide whether to join the new municipality. 

New Castle City Solicitor James Manolis tells city council that plans for a $35 million Warner Bros. theme park at Cascade Park are moving forward. 
1984: Bishop James W. Malone urges Youngstown State University graduates to get involved in shifting world leaders' attention from spending money on weapons to spending money to feed the hungry. 

Doral H. "Al" Fairfield, the first basketball coach of Youngstown College in the late 1920s and early 1930s, dies at his home in the Bronx at the age of 82.

The Montreal Expos lost Terry Francona, the second-best hitter in the league, after he injured his left leg in a 3-2 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

1974: Dr. Fred Huafrecht of Texas and Mrs. Vicker Hendricks of California win prizes for traveling the longest distance to the 50th annual reunion of the 1924 class of South High School.

Bloomfield-Mespo and Farmington local school boards agree to discuss possible consolidation with Farmington and Southington school districts in northern Trumbull County after the Ohio Supreme Court rejects a suit to block the state's revocation of the rural districts' charters. 

1949: Mayor Charles P. Henderson's six-member citizen's panel meets for 15 hours in an attempt to untangle the bus strike that has crippled transportation and hurt business in Youngstown for two weeks. 

The Mahoning County grand jury issues a report condemning automobile owners who leave their cars on the streets with the keys in the ignition. Such carelessness "is a tacit invitation to anyone who has the urge to get into the car and drive it."

The United Steelworkers of America issued its list of demands to Big Steel, including a general wage increase, pensions, and insurance benefits. A strike deadline is a month away.