A structural engineer has been called into downtown Youngstown to assess a building owned by Purple Cat founder Jimmy Sutman.

Crews on scene tell 21 they were alerted of a potential structural issue after a Youngstown police officer noticed cracks in the building located on West Federal Street and alerted the fire department.

"We have the financing ready to correct the problem, we acknowledge there is a problem. The last thing I would want is one of my great people that utilize a wheelchair being out here [with] bricks falling down," Sutman said.

Fire crews checked out the roof where they found that the crack was caused by water intrusion.

21 News caught up with Sutman to find out what the building was being used for. Sutman tells us the building is currently in the process of being rehabilitated to be used for a music program for the Purple Cat. 

Sutman also operates Golden String Radio on Phelps Street, which gives adults with disabilities the opportunity to host their own radio programs. Golden String Radio will still exist, but this will add to it acting as a performing arts center for those with disabilities. The center will offer instrument lessons, an expansion of radio services, and a theater program.

The project will cost about $350,000. Sutman says $200,000 of that has already been put into the project. Sutman tells us this funding is coming from bank loans. Sutman hopes to have the building open by November.

Work on the project is currently halted due to ongoing construction on Federal Street.

Sutman tells us he doesn't expect this recent development to cause any further delays and that he's getting a company to repair the cracked bricks. The street will remain closed until the building is repaired, which is expected to happen later Tuesday.

In the meantime, Youngstown Fire Chief Barry Finley tells us the building is still structurally sound.