Youngstown city officials held another press conference Tuesday afternoon to provide the latest updates following the explosion of the Realty Tower building downtown nearly one month ago.

During the press conference Youngstown Mayor Tito Brown gave building owners and their insurance company until July 5 to come up with some sort of plan of action for the building.

If this does not happen, Mayor Brown said he will take action and the city will "pursue legal remedies," although it's unclear what those remedies would be. 

"No one's done anything at this building ... There's no plans, there's no designs, and we're saying those actionable things need to happen now. And if by July 5 those [actions] are not taken, we will take legal action on the city's behalf," Mayor Browns said.

Mayor Brown says the city can't wait much longer since residents of both Realty Tower and the neighboring International Towers have been displaced from their homes and downtown Youngstown's economy has suffered as a result of the explosion.

The most recent example of this is the cancelation of the Greater Youngstown Italian Festival, which would have taken place the first weekend of August.

Other examples include the DoubleTree Hotel and its restaurant Bistro 1907 closing indefinitely following the explosion with no timeframe to reopen in sight.

"One of our premier attractions downtown is closed and we want to continue to do everything we can to push the owner and their insurance company [to take action]," Mayor Brown said

Some Youngstown City leaders like Councilmen Julius Oliver and Mike Ray, as well as entities such as the Mahoning Valley Historical Society have expressed desire to stabilize the building instead of demolish it.

However, Mayor Brown says saving the building is too "long term," "down the road" and "costly."

"Do I want to have a historic building downtown demolished? No. Do I look at that corner as the epicenter, you know, the face of downtown? Yes. But the reality is, we can't do the what ifs," Mayor Brown said.

Rather, Mayor Brown says his priority is getting displaced residents back home and people to come back to downtown and feel safe doing so.