Police in Youngstown are investigating after a woman reported being carjacked with her gun and cell phone still in her vehicle.

According to the report, the woman was in her car, which was parked on the 3200 Block of South Avenue around 7:45 a.m. when a male was walking back and forth in the street.

Police say the man came up to the woman and asked her if she could speak Spanish or tell him where he was. 

The woman told police she took the man's cell phone to text someone his location, when he attacked her, climbed into her vehicle, forced her out and drove away.

Police say she still had the man's phone on her when he fled, but her phone along with her gun were still in the car. Police say the gun was loaded at the time.

Security camera video captured the incident at the corner of South Avenue and Lucius Avenue. The male shown in the video was described as a Hispanic male standing at 5'10'' and weighing approximately 160 pounds.

Police say the male had a long ponytail and was wearing a blue sweatshirt.

The stolen vehicle was described as a dark blue Chevy Impala with all black wheels and an old collision to the driver's side.