The chairman of the Mercer County Grange Fair Board braved through quite the scare when a fire broke out at the French fry stand about three weeks ago.

21 News caught up with Rachael Richardson, the wife of Mercer County Grange Fair Board Chairman Jim Richardson, who tells us the fire happened when Jim was cleaning the fryers in preparation for the fair.

Rachael tells us Jim lit the fire to boil the fries, but soon radioed that he needed help. She said she didn't think anything of this call for help at first.

"He's completely blind so a lot of times [a call for help] is like 'hey, I need to find something,'" Rachael explained.

Rachael went on to say a second call for help soon followed, this one seeming to be more urgent. Then came a third call where Jim finally said, "I have a fire."

"All of a sudden my heart was in my throat like, he's all by himself. He can't see," Rachael said.

Rachael then stepped out of the upper building where she saw smoke billowing from the French fry stand and immediately ran to grab a fire extinguisher.

Despite not being able to see, Jim was able to put out most of the fire before the fire department got to the scene. 

"We were very fortunate it wasn't worse. Jim is always so clear headed that I had no doubt that he was going to know what to do," Rachael said.

Rachael tells us the fire was not fully engulfed and the couple did not lose the building or any equipment resulting from the fire.

The Mercer County Grange Fair is currently underway and will last until June 29 at 35 Grange Fair Drive in Mercer.