If you frequent the Ohio Turnpike, and use and E-ZPass, then you'll want to take a closer look.

A 21 News viewer says he was reminded why it's always important to check your monthly statements. 

Luke Stouffer, who lives in Canfield--is no stranger to the Ohio Turnpike. He takes the expedited route around four times per month from the Newton Falls exit to the Strongsville exit, and takes the same route in reverse to get home. Just recently, he came across an unusually high charge for a one-way trip.

"I get this bill in the mail for $19.25 and we're trying to figure out when we were in Toledo because it shows we got off at the Newton Falls high speed exit.", said Stouffer, adding that his girlfriend also takes the turnpike.

Turns out his EZ Pass wasn't picked up at the Strongsville exit where he typically gets off and back on--as a result he was charged the length of the turnpike. Luckily Luke says it wasn't hard to rectify the issue. He logged onto his E-ZPass account where there were three other hefty charges.

"I'm usually, really diligent abut making sure it says E-ZPass accepted, but three instances where it wasn't and it ended up being $30 worth of charges.", he added. 

The Turnpike launched it's new collection system in April, which features high speed lanes in addition to the traditional gated system. As part of the new system, electronic message signs were installed at Toll Plazas to provide travelers with real time information about the trip and account status.

“As part of the new system, electronic message signs were installed at all toll plazas to provide travelers with real-time information about their trip and account status as they are driving through the toll booth lanes. If a customer suspects a billing issue, such as their E-ZPass transponder was not read properly or it was not installed correctly, they are encouraged to contact the Ohio Turnpike’s customer service center at 440.971.2222.” said Laurie Davis, director of toll operations for the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission.

Turnpike Officials are asking customers and to make sure their transponders are mounted on the windshield, and to reduce speed when entering the toll plaza.