Police in Youngstown are investigating after an employee of a local business allegedly threatened to kill three of his supervisors and "shoot up" the business.

According to the police report, police were called to a business on the 200 Block of Sinter Court in reference to a fight with gunfire. 

When they got there, police spoke with the business's manager who told officers that they spoke with the employee regarding an "improper action" at work resulting in him walking off the job.

Police say the employee came back to the business while intoxicated shortly before 8:30 that evening and spoke to some other employees who were on break about being upset with his supervisors.

One of those employees told police that the man threatened to kill three of his supervisors and that he wanted to "shoot up" the business. Police say the man got into his car, fired shots from a handgun into the air and left. Police say multiple employees were outside to witness this happen.

Police say while the supervisors were made aware of the threats, the man never threatened them directly.

Officers were able to recover three shell casings from the parking lot. Police say security camera video did capture the man's car in the area where the shell casings were recovered, but did not show him firing the weapon out the window.

No charges have been filed against the man at this time.