Former Valley Congressman Tim Ryan has voiced his support in incumbent Vice President Kamala Harris running as the Democratic candidate for President of the United States.

This endorsement came in the form of an opinion piece written for news outlet Newsweek. In that piece, Ryan says he loves President Joe Biden and does not regret endorsing him in the 2020 election.

"I supported Joe because I believe he is a good and honorable man. I'm still very happy with my decision. He is the most pro-union, pro-manufacturing president in my lifetime. He understands the working class people regardless of race or gender that I represented in my Northeast Ohio Congressional District for 20 years," Ryan wrote.

However, Ryan described Biden's performance at the recent presidential debate as "extremely troubling" and added that the upcoming election needs to focus on "generational changes."

I envisioned [Biden] defeating former President Donald Trump, stabilizing the country and passing the torch to the next generation. Regrettably, that bridge collapsed last week. Witnessing Joe Biden struggle was heartbreaking. And we must forge a new path forward," Ryan wrote.

Ryan went on to describe Harris as someone who can "energize the electorate and govern effectively as our next president."

"She has honed her raw talent and intelligence through a tough national campaign and three and a half years of experience that have her steeped in the knowledge of domestic and international issues. All of this while joyfully operating in our toxic and complicated political environment," Ryan wrote.

Ryan went on to say Harris would be able to carry a "much more convincing" message than Biden on issues such as abortion, as well as energize marginalized communities and those in swing states and districts.

"A Democratic presidential campaign will succeed if and only if it brings in working class Americans of all shapes, sizes, and colors. [Harris] would be able to make the case better and more clearly than President Biden ever could, about how the Democrats have re-industrialized America through the infrastructure, Chips and Science, and Inflation Reduction Act laws," Ryan wrote.

Ryan concluded by saying a Harris campaign would not be a traditional Democratic campaign, but an "aspirational, bold and challenging call to action for all Americans" to elevate their political expectations.

"America is craving this generational change. You can feel it in the air. It's time for the Democratic Party to let go of the past and give the American people what they want. And they want to be excited about America again. They want to come together. They want to heal. And they want to be asked to help usher in a future of renewal and reform," Ryan wrote.

You can read Ryan's full piece by clicking here.