Warren City County has scheduled a public hearing on Wednesday afternoon to further discuss plans to create a designated outdoor refreshment area.

Also on the council’s agenda is legislation to establish the so-called “DORA” along specified streets in the heart of the city following the 5 p.m. public hearing at City Hall.

A state law allows communities to create areas and days where liquor permit holders are allowed to serve alcoholic beverages outside of their premises.

The following addresses are included in the proposed DORA:

  • 0-220 W Market Street
  • 0-510 E Market Street
  • 100-310 Vine Ave SE
  • 400-446 South St. SE 400-446
  • 0-126 South Park Ave. 0-126
  • 0-176 North Park Ave. 0-176
  • 100-200 David Grohl Alley 100-200
  • High St. NE 106-210 Odd address numbers
  • Mahoning Ave NW 0-200 Odd address numbers



The permitted areas will be marked with signs and beer and liquor will be served in clearly marked designated plastic containers provided by qualified liquor permit holders.

Within the proposed DORA, there are the following12 qualified permit holders:

  • Bushwick Warren
  • CharBenay’s Wine on the River
  • Downtown 124
  • Club Michael
  • Horseshoe Bar
  • Modern Methods Brewing Company
  • Darlene Lounge
  • Sunrise Inn
  • The Saratoga
  • The Underground Lounge
  • West & Main – Bar & Grill
  • Urban Tap

The hours of operation will be determined by the special event permitting process.

Beginning Friday at noon and ending Sunday at 11:59 pm for the following occasions:

  • New Year’s Eve
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Mardi Gras
  •  Cinco De Mayo
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  •  Labor Day
  • Halloween - 12 pm to 11:59 pm the following day
  • Wednesday before Thanksgiving – noon to Sunday at 11:59 pm
  • Christmas Eve – 12 pm to 11:59 pm the following day
  • Also as determined by the special event permitting process

Special Events

The City of Warren requires that each special event receive a permit which will be reviewed by the City’s Departments.

Permit requirements may differ between events depending on their size, layout, use of right of way, and program.

Each event will be reviewed to ensure that adequate sanitation, signs, and public safety requirements are established.

The necessity for portable bathrooms, handicap accessibility, pedestrian mobility, police, fire, and emergency medical ingress and egress, crowd control, DORA boundary management including the need for barricades and trash management will also be addressed.

Event organizers may be required to pay for special duty officers or overtime for public service or safety workers if necessary to ensure adequate health and public safety requirements.

The City of Warren will review the results of the DORA after (1) calendar year and determine if any changes are warranted.