21 WFMJ archives  / July 4, 1999 | Sydney Martin, 9-month-old daughter of Larry and Lasonja Martin of Columbus, waved a small flag at the Howland Fourth of July parade 25 years ago.

July 4

1999: Warren Mayor Hank Angelo says city officials aren't sure what they will do with the 20-room Kinsman House when the county turns over the deed to the building but says the historical integrity of the 1832 building will be preserved. The Iron and String Life Enhancement project (ISLE), incorporated in December by Jim Sutman, is committed to developing more activities for the developmentally disabled in the Mahoning Valley. Some of the Mahoning Valley's largest townships -- Howland, Austintown, and Boardman -- are looking for  


1984: J. Phillip Richley, president of the Mahoning Valley Economic Development Corp., tells Vindicator Business Editor George Reiss that "the area's economic road back is still long and tough," with some 35,000 of 250,000 district workers still unemployed. 

Although the top five brewing companies in the United States control 90 percent of the beer market, supporters of the proposed Ronneburg Brewery in North Jackson say, there is a place in the niche market for their high-quality, European-style brew.

The Trumbull County Fair opens under fair skies to good crowds. 


1974: At the halfway mark, it appears 1974 may be the biggest year in business, payroll, and perhaps even production in the Youngstown district's long industrial history. 

In the next six months, Mahoning County commissioners must pare $2.3 million from budget requests of $10 million to balance the general fund budget 1975.

Dr. Martin Luther King Sr. delivers the eulogy at the funeral of his wife, Alberta, who was shot dead by a deranged gunman during services at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta.  Mrs. King was playing the organ when killed. 


1949: Miller F. Lewis, 10, of Nutley Avenue, Warren, drowns while wading with companions in Mosquito Lake near Klondike Road. 

Youngstowners at home for the Fourth of July holiday weekend are sweating through the hottest days of the year as the mercury hits 99 degrees. 

Michael C. Cabot, a principal of Poland Grade School and instructor at Youngstown College, is conducting a survey with 20 of his students to determine why 60 percent of the students who enter grade school in Youngstown drop out before graduating from high school.