Those living in the Realty Tower building have still not been able to return and gathering their things since an explosion rocked its first floor in May.

Now, the Persayus Way Project is looking to help them through a collection of essential items necessary for living.

This includes hygiene products, laundry detergent, new blankets, pillows and other household necessities are now being collected by the organization.

"We are doing this because these people may not be able to go back and get their personal things," said Rosa Baker-Shaw, community outreach director. "We wanted to do something for these people because some of them don't have anything. They're out here really struggling. We're in a position to open this up to the city for help."

Baker-Shaw said that the items collected will specifically go toward the tenants of Realty Towers, who recently learned they will be able to go into the building on July 10 and get some belongings before the building is demolition on Thursday.

The items will be collected by July 28, those interested in donated can call Baker-Shaw at 330-518-2192 to plan if the items will be collected at people's homes.

They can also drop items off at 2833 Southern Blvd.

Once collected, the Persayus Way Project will begin distributing the items to those displaced beginning Aug. 5 through Aug. 10 at the same location.