21 WFMJ archives  / July 8, 1982 | An explosion under Federal Plaza caused by a short circuit in an underground electrical switch dislodged a manhole cover. They cut power to the Metropolitan Tower, traffic lights, and several businesses on the plaza for about 20 minutes 42 years ago. Here, John Bizub, an Ohio Edison employee, emerges from the manhole after helping make repairs.

July 9

1999: Mahoning County Commissioner David A. Engler blocks approval of a $5,952 appropriation to the office of treasurer for the hiring of a part-time bookkeeper because Engler says Treasurer Anthony Vivo has not answered some of Engler's questions and has not submitted a proposed 2000 budget. Engler has sparred with Vivo over Vivo's support of Debbie Taylor, an anti-tax activist who is running for commissioner. 

More than 30 people were injured when one train on the iconic Thunderbolt rollercoaster at Kennywood Park near Pittsburgh rammed into a car that was stopped to load passengers. A witness said the brakes weren't applied to the incoming car, which was traveling about 20 mph when it hit the stopped cars. 

The Charter 2000 Committee has failed to gather the 8,000 signatures needed to put a new form of county government on the November ballot in Mahoning County. The committee will now aim for the spring primaries.

1984: George Kunce of New Springfield is the last of three Bucheit International employees to return home from Saudi Arabia. They were held for two months in a contract dispute over the construction of a mall for a Saudi prince. Edward Pease and Ben Eliseo Jr. were released earlier. 

Gov. Richard F. Celeste awards a Community Development Block Grant of $208,000 to Newton Falls to retain the Therm-X plant in the city, which manufactures insulating products and employs 63 people. 

At least three Youngstown Board of Education members believe that a proposed state standard requiring students to maintain a D average to participate in sports is too lenient. State Board of Education member Jack C. Hunter of Youngstown says students should have a 2.0 or C average. Under current Ohio High School Athletic Association rules, a student with three Ds and two Fs could still participate. 

1974: The State Board of Education rejects the transfer of Coitsville students from the Youngstown City School District to Campbell City Schools. The board approved the dissolution of a 13-school joint vocational district in Trumbull County to create two smaller vocational districts. 

The Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine board of trustees selects a site in Rootstown Township south of Ravenna for the school's campus. 

The city of Youngstown is enjoined from enforcing its recently enacted ordinance restricting the location of adult bookstores and movie theaters. 

1949: Four Young Progressives held on open charges for three days in City Jail for injecting themselves into disputes over Negroes swimming in predominantly white pools in Youngstown are released with a warning that police will be keeping an eye on them. Police Chief Edward Allen has accused the Young Progressives of being Communist dupes or sympathizers. 

Youngstown police are investigating the early morning bombing of Federal Billiards at 319 W. Federal St., which blew out all the front windows and was felt two blocks away. The pool room is run by a former city "bug" chieftain.  

Police estimate that 15,000 Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia visitors jammed the sidewalks of Wellsville for the 14th annual homecoming celebration.