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Canfield Fair staff add hand washing stations to help eliminate the potential spread of H3N2


It's simple advice most of us learned as a children, wash your hands.  This year at the Canfield fair that message is clear.

"We've just put up a few more signs because people are aware and we've provided some information sheets about the H3N2 varient influenza, but only for informatioN not because we think it is some scarey thing that people need to be staying away from the fair for. It is absolutely not that issue at all," said Mahoning County Health Commissioner Pat Sweeney.

"The thing we are trying to emphasize is that it is just not around the swine that you need to wash your hands. You really should wash your hands around any animal whether you touch it, whether you touch anything in the barn, when you take the little kids in and they pet it and they touch their binkies, but we really encourage people," said Canfield Fair manager Bev Fisher.

Canfield Fair manager Bev Fisher says the fair veterinarians have had no reports of sick animals on the grounds. However, vets are keeping a close watch on all of the animals, making several stops at barns each day. To play it safe, fair staff have added more hand sanitizer units.  Hand washing stations are available outside of the animal exhibits.

"Handwashing is important to reduce the transmission of any kind of illness. You have to wash your hands or you are instructed to wash your hands with hot soapy water for at least 20 seconds, which they say happy birthday two times, but hot soapy water front and back, clean underneath your fingernails that helps with reducing the transmission of any type of illness," said Sweeney.

It's not just important to wash your hands after your done visiting the animals.  As a reminder, Sweeney says be sure to wash your hand before and after you use the restroom and of course before you eat.

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