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If you want to lose weight, fitness experts say you may need to pick up the weights


MERCER, Pennsylvania - There are many areas to a gym and for a lot of people, especially those new to working out, the cardio section is what they gravitate toward.

"Cardio is usually where people start because it is the easiest. Almost everyone knows how to walk on a treadmill or ride an exercise bike. So it is usually the stepping stone that gets everybody going," said Dennis DiRaimond with Cool Springs Fitness in Mercer.

However, it might not take people as far as they would like to go.

"Cardio is really good for generally burning calories, increasing your cardiovascular ability. But weight training, you are really going to see a difference when it comes to weight loss, toning or even just body transformation," said DiRaimondo.

DiRaimondo says people who incorporate strength training into their fitness routine burn calories even after they're done working out, which can't be said for those who just do cardio.

While you may experience slight weight gain at the beginning of a strength training program, DiRaimondo says it doesn't take long for the pounds and inches to come off.

"The more you strength train and keep those muscles in shape the higher the likelihood is that you metabolism increases and you are going to burn more calories," DiRaimondo said.

DiRaimondo says women often shy away from the weights because they fear they'll get too bulky. However, he says unless they're lifting extremely heavy weights for long periods of time it's not likely they'll bulk up.

If you're just getting started, DiRaimondo recommends working every large muscle group every other day. As you advanced, focus on maybe two or three different muscles groups each day.

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