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Chardon shooter sentenced for killing 3 students and wounding others

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CHARDON, Ohio - If a picture is worth a thousand words, in a shocking final act before he's sentenced to prison, convicted killer T.J. Lane appears in Geauga County Common Pleas Court with a white t-shirt with the word 'killer' etched in large hand-written letters on the front.
The victims' families say they're disgusted and outraged by his lack of respect and remorse for the school shootings he planned and carried out, that took three lives and changed others forever.
Holly Walczak, the mother of Nichola's Walczak who is now paralyzed from the shooting, looked Lane in the eyes in court saying, "You're really lucky there's so many police in this room right now. I hate you for the pain you have caused Nick. You chased him down the hall and fired the last bullet that paralyzed him. Why, why did you do it? Why?"
The 18-year-old who pled guilty to shooting and killing three classmates, paralyzing another, and wounding two others inside Chardon High School just over a year ago, then makes an outrageous and vulgar statement to the victims' families.
Lane turned directly to the victims and said in part, "This hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now ----------- to the memory."
Then, using an expletive he raised his middle finger, flipping off the victims' family members and friends.
"We were not expecting that. I'm totally disgusted by that. But it has been our position all along that he knew what he was doing. He planned this out," Geauga County prosecutor James Flaiz told 21 News.
Dina Parmertor, mother of murder victim Daniel Parmertor, said Lane traumatized the entire school.
"He murdered my son Danny. He walked into Danny's school wearing a shirt that said killer, with a loaded gun in his backpack and killed my son, along with Russell King and Demetrius Hewlin. He doesn't deserve to breathe the air that I breathe. After today, I refuse to even give him a second of my thoughts. He is repulsive. We don't speak his name, and we never will. He will be forgotten as he rots in prison," Parmertor told the court.
Before sentencing the convicted killer to three consecutive life sentences in prison, plus an additional 37 years for injuring three others back on February 27, 2012, Judge David L. Fuhry made it clear that Lane has no mental illness, instead, he says Lane was cold and calculating, ambushing children in a place where they felt safe at school.
The judge also says since Lane was not provoked and could offer no reason for the killings, it can only be surmised that he wanted notoriety.
The bailiff responded on the judge's behalf saying that court was unaware of the shirt, did not notice the shirt and if they did, they would have immediately stopped proceedings, adjourned the court and would have ordered the defendant to put on proper attire.
Lane's sister Sadie Lane gave a statement to news reporters after the sentencing.
"I want to offer my deepest sympathies to the families, and anyone involved. Many people don't realize that I was in the cafeteria that day, and along with all the students I heard the gunshots and screams," Sadie Lane said. "I ran for my life, ducked under tables, hid in the teacher's lunge not knowing who the shooter was."
To this day those images haunt me, and keep me from going to school, even movie theaters, and social events. But what I keep coming back to is that hate will only generate more hate. But forgiveness and compassion will bring peace and understanding. The brother in the courtroom and that did this, is not the brother I knew," she said.
Yet, the victim's families disagree, calling T.J. Lane a monster who showed his true colors in the court.
Those families say Lane will live and die in prison, for taking three innocent lives and causing so many families and an entire community so much pain.



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