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Tim Ryan helps organize house sit-in on gun control

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Valley congressman Tim Ryan pulled a page out of the 1960's and '70's and helped organize an old fashioned sit in on the House floor Wednesday. Democrats are upset that Republicans refuse to vote on gun control. 

"Trying to do something to get everybody's attention, at least get a vote on this stuff," said Ryan. "We recognize that it may not pass, but at least recognize what's going on in this country.

In a passionate speech to about 40 other Democratic lawmakers, Ryan said Republicans are soft on terrorism. 

"If you're not for this, you are weak on terrorism and you are weak on protecting the american people," said Ryan.

House Democrats vowed not to leave the floor until Republicans agreed to vote on gun control measures.

"A few months ago, I was hunting in southern Ohio, a few months ago I was shooting a gun at my friends farm," said Ryan. "I mean this isn't about taking the gun out of the hands of sportsmen or hunters, this is about closing loopholes that terrorists now are knowingly trying to expose and take advantage of," he said.

Ryan says one of the biggest no-brainers, the no fly, no buy measure.

"If we know you're not going to be able to get on an airplane because we think you are at some higher threat level, why in god's name would we let you go buy a gun," said Ryan.

With Wednesday's protest not being televised, lawmakers used social media to share their message.

Ryan's speech was broadcast on periscope and picked up by C-SPAN.

"It's the Republicans who are endorsing the biggest goofball for President of the United States. You want to know what the problem is in Washington, it's the Republican party and we're trying to stop it," he said.

Ryan said he's never been part of a protest like this, but says every now and then, you have to ruffle some feathers.

"This is how I like to see the Democratic party behave, be a little more aggressive and let's start getting things done for the people."

Ryan said they would continue to occupy the house floor until a vote was called. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, who was part of the 15 hour filibuster in the Senate last week, also sat in for a bit in a show of support. 

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