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B Virus extends flu season

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Just as flu season is winding down, the Centers for Disease Control is warning of a second wave, Influenza Virus B.

The flu is still listed as widespread in Ohio, and there has been an uptick in cases of the B-virus. Locally, the latest numbers from the District Board of Health show 363 hospitalized cases reported as March 23rd.

288 are Influenza A . 75 are influenza B, and 24 are children under 18.
Infectious disease specialist, Dr. John Venglarcik says B is not as severe as A. "Influenza B is a milder strain, influenza A is the more serious of the two," Venglarcik said.
And generally you're not sick as long with the B virus. "Influenza A  generally 4-5-6-7 days, Influenza B typically a little shorter 4 or 5 days," according to Venglarcik.

The doctor points out that if you've had your flu shot then you are protected against Virus B.  "So there's no reason to get another vaccination, it will cover you,".

The public needs to understand that while the flu shot is not 100 percent effective it can prevent the more serious complications of the flu.

"Pneumonia, prevent hospitalizations and prevent death," Venglarcik said.  The symptoms are the same for A and B, so are the steps to prevent spreading the highly contagious virus.

"Cover your cough, cover your sneeze, not in your hands, and the best method for preventing infectious disease is good, frequent hand washing," the doctor said. 

Remember too, If you or your child comes down with the flu, stay home. 


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