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Star Supply celebrates 50 years in the Valley

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It's one of the most unique businesses in the Valley; a bright building, decorated with sculptures and funny phrases that sells just about everything. 

This year, Star Supply is turning 50.

If you need to replace a lightbulb or just want to stare at a giant yeti, for 50 years Star Supply's been the place.

"It's like a home center with a little bit of oddity," said Rosenthal.

Richard Rosenthal opened the place back in 1968, originally just down the road from the current location. At the time the business focused only on industrial supplies.

"When the mills closed or starting to close and things changed in the mid-70s we realized we weren't going to have any business," said Rosenthal.

So Star Supply had to adapt to survive. The business still focused on bargains and closeouts, just expanded its offerings. Even today, the stuff on the shelves keeps changing.

We wind up with a big batch of pillows about six months ago. Two months before that or a month before that we never had a pillow in the place, and we wind up with 5,000 pillows," said Rosenthal.

Even if you've never ventured inside the building, the place is still a bit of a landmark because of everything on the outside like the slingshot car. Richard said that was never really his intention. He just wanted to have a little fun.

"When I ultimately declared my major at the university, it was in art. So I have an eye and a feel for what we've done here," said Rosenthal.

Whether it's a rocket outside or a giant guitar on the top shelf, you can see his influence just about everywhere you look; a business owner who never wanted to create an empire, just wanted to treat everyone well and sell things that people could actually use.
"We don't sell TVs and sparkling things. We sell things that people can screw, screw in, and use in some way and make something of it," said Rosenthal.

After all, that's what he's been doing all along; taking a store and making something of it, a quirky home center that's turned into a landmark in Youngstown.

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