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Republican DeWine elected Ohio Governor, so what's next?

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When the votes were counted, the race for Ohio Governor was extremely close. But in the end, Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine was the winner and will be sworn-in as the new governor in January.

The governor-elect tells 21 News what's next as he prepares to take office.

It was nearly midnight when Mike DeWine's children and 23 grandchildren, with a 24th on the way, took to the stage in the Governor's Ballroom at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Columbus Tuesday night.

Then it was announced, "The next governor of the great state of Ohio, Mike DeWine."

As Jon Husted and his wife Tina walked out side by side with Mike DeWine and his wife Fran, the Ohio Republican Party, volunteers, workers and supporters cheered.

It was a fight to the finish, but Mike DeWine and his running mate, Jon Husted, captured more than 52% of the vote to win Ohio governor and lieutenant governor respectively.

Husted told the crowd, "Well how about that.  I guess Ohio still is a Republican state.  Our opponents ran a tough race.  I'm blessed and Ohio is blessed to have somebody as our next governor who just won't quit man."

Governor-elect DeWine has told 21 News before he takes office he still hopes to meet with GM executives in Detroit about securing the future of the Lordstown car plant.  But that's just one of many things on his agenda.

After walking off the stage and shaking hands, giving hugs and taking selfies with supporters, DeWine stopped to talk to 21 News and other reporters saying, "It was not an overwhelming victory, but it was a victory.  And the responsibility now goes to us to execute on that and to do what the people asked us to do, and what the people really want us to do is roll up our sleeves, get to work and fix the problems that we have."

DeWine and Husted have made creating jobs and implementing a new 12-point plan to overcome the opioid epidemic priorities for their administration.  

And there's more.

"One of the things we've already announced is we're going to really try to modernize state government and use technology to do that.  Jon Husted will lead that effort," DeWine tells 21 News.

For Ohio Governor-Elect Mike DeWine decades in politics has led up to this moment, and he says it's not about being a Republican or a Democrat.  It's about being an Ohioan and working together.

DeWine said, "The message is we've got to get to work and do our job."

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