Still too young to understand the gift that's been given to her, Jamie, a Trumbull County foster child who received a new liver in May, spent the afternoon Monday egging on the man who's given her another shot at life.

Jamie was born with biliary atresia.  In May, doctors said she was just weeks away from dying when David Denovchek, a mere stranger to Jamie, donated a portion of his liver to the then 4 year-old.

"It's been very emotion, this whole process.  Everything, from the testing to find out if I was a match, to finding out that I was, to the surgery, to recovery, to getting back to my normal life to now meeting her.  It has been a lot of emotions," said donor David Denovchek of Niles.

While their lives first became intertwined eight months ago, the two met for the first time on Monday. It didn't take long for their friendship to blossom.  Between reciting lines from her favorite movies, Jamie begged David to chase her in circles.  It was a sight, those closest to the now five year-old, weren't sure they'd ever see.

"To see her today, running around and laughing and making us laugh, it really warms the heart, especially during this season and with everything going on in the country.  It's amazing to see a miracle like this," said Marilyn Pape with Trumbull County Children Services.

Pape says there couldn't have been a more perfect ending to this story.  She hopes the community is inspired by both Jamie and David.

"Today's press event was as much for Jamie and David as it was for the community, for them to see this is what happens when you give of yourself, " said Pape. "Jamie had a birthday last week. She wouldn't have had that without David.  That's the plain truth of it, is David saved her life."