Ohio State troopers arrested four drivers for OVI during sobriety checkpoints held in Boardman last weekend.

Troopers say they also summoned two people to appear in court for driving under suspension and nine citations for various traffic offenses.  

The two checkpoints were conducted by members of the Mahoning County OVI Task Force.  

The first checkpoint was held Saturday night on South Avenue from 10:00 to midnight.

Troopers held the second checkpoint Sunday morning on US Route 224 from 1:00 to 3:00.

Fifteen of the 489 vehicles that passed through the checkpoints, according to troopers, were stopped for further inspection.

Another 24 vehicles were pulled over by officers and troopers who conducted saturation patrols in concert with the checkpoints.

The Task Force will be active next weekend as well.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol has announced another round of Mahoning County OVI checkpoints for the weekend of July 15th through 17th.

Troopers will announce locations and times for the checkpoints later this week.

Law enforcement agencies are required to announce the date, time and, and location of all OVI checkpoints.

OSHP and the OVI Task Force will be assisted with the checkpoints, as they were last weekend, by the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Mahoning County Emergency Management Agency.