Youngstown police detectives are investigating after a body was found inside of a burning car.  

Youngstown firefighters found the car engulfed in flames when they arrived on Seifert Avenue Friday afternoon.

Authorities believe they know who died in the car, but they are not saying whether foul play is suspected.

"There was no obvious signs of arson as far as a gas can or anything," said captain Brad Blackburn with the Youngstown Police Department."  "We believe we made a preliminary identification, but we have to wait until we notify family and confirm that."

Youngstown Police detectives are waiting for the results of an autopsy.

"Due to the extent of the fire damage we couldn't really do a close examination of the body here," said Blackburn.

The only woman who lives on the end of Seifert Avenue tells 21 News, she saw a white man slumped over in the vehicle as she left her home around 11:30 Friday morning.  Her family called police, believing the man was passed out.  

When the woman and her son, Emanuel Bunkle, returned home the car was engulfed in flames.

"I live out here all of my life.  I never seen that.  This is the first time I've seen this," said Emanuel Bunkley of Youngstown.

Bunkley tells 21 News he's been worried for years about possible criminal activity that's been happening in this neighborhood.

"They dump feces, tires, toilets, everything up there, you know, and don't nobody come up here they are going to keep doing it.  It was a matter of time before that happened," said Bunkley.

"Unfortunately, you have houses or streets with only one or two houses on it and you could see how long the street it.  So, it may not get the patrol presence that a street of the same size with 200 houses would get, but they are up here," said Blackburn.

Captain Blackburn says the department will wait for a report from the coroner's office to determine if there was any foul play.