A feud between neighbors in Warren turned violent and it was all caught on camera.

Warren Police say the attack on two individuals follows allegations of racial tensions and words exchanged outside an apartment complex off of North Park Avenue.

Alicia Code, 46, Warren, was standing outside her apartment in the parking lot on August 25, holding up a sign that alleged her neighbors were racist. In the surveillance video provided to Warren police, Code's nephew speaks with two individuals and then begins to punch and attack a male and female victims.

The female vicitm suffered minor injuries.

Police say David Boss, 26, of Warren, continued to hit the female victim before Code appears to throw her to the ground.

No matter what was said, police say there's no excuse for the violence.

"They never once fight back, they never once raise a hand up to even defend themselves," Rob Massucci said, Warren police captain. 

Boss is facing two felony aggravated assault charges in this case. Code is charged with assault.