If you drive through Pennsylvania, you're going to have to shell out more money for gas and turnpike tolls.

Pennsylvania has the highest gasoline tax in the country at 77.8 percent and almost 59.5  of that is state and local tax.

Drivers will also see increased fees on the Pennsylvania turnpike come Sunday.

Gas Buddy analyst Gregg Laskoski said, “The higher gasoline tax is all due to states trying to find new ways to pay for the highway infrastructure.  There's less fuel consumption because gas or cars are more fuel efficient and that's really hurting the federal gasoline tax revenue. That revenue is almost gone, so the burden has shifted dramatically from the federal government to all of the states,” Laskoski said.

Laskoski said drivers will eventually benefit from this increase by having improved roadways. Pennsylvania drivers are going the extra mile traveling into Ohio to skip the increased pay out at the pump.

“It's definitely inconvenient because the nearest gas station is two minutes down the street from my house, but to save money that's what you have to do today,” said West Middlesex resident Courtney Fuchs.

According to Gas Buddy, on average, gas is up $.42  per gallon in Pennsylvania. But that's not the only increase drivers are seeing. Now the Pennsylvania Turnpike will increase fees by 6 percent for both cash and E-Z Pass at midnight on Sunday.

According to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the increase is to help pay back borrowed funds that were required for the rebuilding and widening of the turnpike and to support public transportation. For example, the fee for traveling on the turnpike from New Castle to I-76 will increase $.15 cents for cash and $.9 for E-Z Pass.