From steel mills to 3D printers, the face of manufacturing has gone through a drastic change. Cities, like Youngstown, now at the forefront of the movement transforming from the Rust Belt to the tech belt.

The center of the manufacturing renaissance has been Youngstown State University, and because of that, the state controlling board has released $670,000 out of a $750,000 grant to be used by Youngstown State,and other regional educators for new manufacturing equipment. 

"Some of the equipment that's purchased includes machining equipment so mills, laids, C&C machining equipment, so more advanced machines that are computer controlled as well as a large metal forming press because there's really no place in the region to teach metal forming," says Associate Professor of Manufacturing Education Darrell Wallace. 

The grant was intended to accelerate the rate of adoption of new technologies that were critical in the workplace throughout the state. Wallace adds that he hopes Youngstown State, along with regional academic partners, will be launching pads for a new era of manufacturing in the Valley. 

Youngstown State has also added a manufacturing engineering program, one of only 20 programs in the country.