Amid the growing crisis of opioid addiction, a new treatment center is opening in Warren.

The new center, called FSR Parkman, is located on Enterprise Drive N.W. 

The Cleveland-area owner wants to pattern the center after First Step Recovery and it's treatment model which looks at the person's whole life experience.

"Not why did you do this; but what happened to you, what happened to you that lead you here, and what do you need from us in order to help you move in a more positive direction," said Cindy Woodford, CEO of First Step.

FSR owner, Scott Wilkes, is using First Step Recovery for consultant services.  Woodford says First Step also expanded its hours to be available when a person decides to seek help.

"When a person says I can't do this anymore.  I need to reach out for help, and they do. We want to be able to bring that person in as soon as possible because the window for that clarity sometimes closes very fast," Woodford said.

Addiction experts say the major problem still is the opioid crisis.  Woodford says it's become so deadly due to the mixing of drugs on the streets.
"Most clients when they come in, they're screening for absolutely everything because it's sort of at that point where any drug will do," said Woodford.

The FSR Parkman Center will have 16 beds and a staff of about 30 and provide detox services as well as outpatient treatment and extended care. 

Woodford says every client has a story, and the goal is to create something positive and be a part of the solution.