Thrive Mahoning Valley worked with the Mayors of Youngstown and Warren to have May 25th, 2018 proclaimed as 'Bienvenidos a Youngstown-Warren Day' in celebration of the growing Puerto Rican population in the Youngstown-Warren communities.

Since the hurricanes of 2017, many Puerto Ricans have joined the Youngstown-Warren communities.

To welcome the new community members, Thrive Mahoning Valley was created.

Thrive Mahoning Valley improves accessibility to basic resources in the Mahoning Valley by providing information on services that have been personally verified by the Thrive team. 

Thrive team members said they have worked to ensure they are meeting the community's needs by having the information professionally translated to provide a familiar and easy experience.

Representatives said that the cities of Youngstown and Warren have a long history of welcoming all people to the community and celebrating their diversity.

Youngstown Mayor, Jamael Tito Brown, and Warren Mayor, William D. Franklin, said that they are honored to have this new population and wish them well in their new home.