Michael Wilson is a Mahoning County Sheriff's Deputy by day, but he also has an alter-ego as a professional cosplayer called "Knightmage." He's using it to make a difference.

Michael Wilson's secret lair is comprised of a storage unit packed with 138 costumes where he turns into "Knightmage."

"My second bedroom got to the point where the cats couldn't even get in there," said Wilson.

To be honest, he's running out of room here too. That's the life for a professional cosplayer. The 18-year veteran sheriff's deputy in Mahoning County went to his first convention six years ago and was hooked.

"If you dress up on Halloween, you're cosplaying," said Wilson. "Pretty much it's just the art of dressing up. It's just that we kind of take it to the next level by doing it at conventions."

He never really intended to do it on this level necessarily, but he's picked up quite a following online and shows now come to him to try and make sure Knightmage makes an appearance. It's given him a chance to travel all over the world.

"90% of the opportunities I've had since 2012, I owe to cosplaying," said Wilson. "Last year I had the opportunity to go to Saudi Arabia, which was a huge honor because it was one of the first conventions they've ever had in Saudi Arabia, and it was the very first time they actually invited westerners over."

He still makes all his costumes himself, usually in just a couple days for less than $200.

"One huge thing I'm about is doing things on a budget. I like to show that anybody can do this," said Wilson. "My girlfriend actually helped me sew my first costume. She's a seamstress so she actually taught me how to sew, but everything else between prosthetics and makeup, airbrushing, foam fabrication; YouTube."

He's having fun, but he's also making a difference, raising money for charity at every convention. Over the last few years, he's raised almost $70,000 for 60 charities worldwide.

"To me, it's a win-win. I get to have fun and be able to give back at the same time," said Wilson. "What I do is at conventions I just sign autographs for free, give my prints out for free. I do everything non-profit. It just goes to local charities wherever I'm at."

Through cosplay, he's a different character almost every day, but no matter what costume he's wearing it's always Michael Wilson inside; A man who's proving that everyday superheroes come in many forms.