Wednesday at the Trumbull County Fair was full of some unique sounds, a lot of action and even some special talents.

We stopped by the racetrack and grandstands where Mary King was watching her husband and son race.
It's been a tradition in their family for nearly 50 years, and they love all the flying dust and roaring engines.
Nearby, Sue Cox and her husband were making some noise of their own.
They've made a living using chainsaws to turn piles of wood into family heirlooms, and are proud to know their work is becoming part of families' homes across the area.

"I love when people come by and say 'oh do you remember that turtle I bought? it sits on my deck and I see it every time I go out and I talk to it'", says Cox.

"When you come here, you are using everything that you have," King said. "All your horsepower that you have, and you need to bring your A game when you come here, and we're racing in front of our local crowd."

Thursday is kids day at the fair - kids 14 and under get in free and can get a ride pass for seven bucks.