A Youngstown man's drowning at Mosquito Lake State Park has the community questioning whether or not new safeguards need to be put in place to prevent another tragedy.

A lifeguard was not on duty Sunday when Antonio Shaun Randall, 27, of Youngstown, drowned in the lake. The state park does not employ lifeguards to watch over the water.

"Get someone out here to be a guard or get a post of some sort with a phone," said Veronica Caruso Dorulla of Niles.

Caruso Dorulla used to work as a lifeguard. She said park officials need to consider hiring lifeguards or making changes so that the beach has more safeguards in place.

"It isn't even if they don't have the guards, you still have to have an emergency stand here, you need to have the buoys. There are boats that come in here that we can walk to them, the buoys are not situated enough," she said.

Signs posted at Mosquito Lake's public beach alert visitors that no lifeguards are on duty. 

Caruso Dorulla and other beachgoers suggest the Ohio Department of Natural Resources add signage that details how people can form a human chain to help rescue someone. They also suggest adding a first aid kit and possibly a public phone.

The state does not track beach attendance but does track camping attendance. ODNR officials tell 21 News that camping attendance is "way up" at Mosquito Lake State Park.

The recent improvements are bringing more families to the park and likely the water. 

"You're fixing the campgrounds up, can't you take a little bit of that money and put a lifeguard for a couple of hours during the day when the kids are swimming?" said Patricia Leach of Warren. 

Leach says she brings her children and grandchildren to the beach to swim each summer and believes the state should reconsider having lifeguards on duty.

ODNR officials were not available for an interview on Wednesday. The department's media relations officials responded to our questions and the concerns of the people we spoke to today with the following statement:

"Ohio State Parks have designated swimming locations and buoys to section off deeper areas. Signs are posted so visitors are aware there are no lifeguards on duty." 

ODNR also tells 21 News that having lifeguards at state lakes is a safety and logistical issue and the state has no plans to put any guards on duty at Mosquito Lake State Park at this time.