The Ohio Department of Commerce has given the green light to another medical marijuana growing operation in the Valley.

Pure OH, LLC has been granted a provisional Level Two cultivator license to grow marijuana in East Palestine.

The facility would be located at Bacon Avenue and Kemple Drive according to the Pure OH application.

Late last year, Riveria Creek Holdings was granted a Level I provisional license to cultivate medical marijuana at 1275 Crescent Street in Youngstown.

According to Stephanie Gostomski of the Commerce Department, the difference between a Level I and Level II operation is the size of the operation.

A Level One license is issued to facilities as large as 25,000 square feet. Level Two operations are 3,000 feet or smaller.

The state has issued thirteen Level One licenses and thirteen Level Two licenses to businesses around the state.

The Youngstown and East Palestine growers would be the only ones in the Valley.

Pure OH was originally denied a license when the awards were announced last November because it did not receive the minimum qualifying score on the security section of its application.

The company appealed and successfully demonstrated that its application included elements that should have resulted in additional points in its security section.

Gostomski says that Pure OH has nine months to build the facility.

Once built, if an inspection team gives the business its stamp of approval, they would receive a certificate to begin operations.