Two women face charges after one of them admitted to police that she was responsible for turning the city's fountain into a foamy display.

Police posted surveillance video of two people at the fountain at the Diamond late Monday night.

It appeared that one of the women was shooting cell phone video or snapping pictures while the other woman leaned over the fountain.

Two minutes after the women walked away, the fountain began to spew foamy water until the entire surface of the water had turned white and began to overflow the fountain's walls.

The officer called out to investigate said he could smell the odor of laundry detergent in the fountain.

City workers were called out to shut off the fountain until they could try to neutralize the foam to prevent damage to the pumps.

The foam couldn't be neutralized, so the fountain had to be drained and re-filled.

Police identified one of the suspects as 44-year-old Shenallia Gay of East Liverpool.

Although police say Gay admitted being at the fountain, she refused to identify her companion.

According to a police report, shortly after Gay was released, 38-year-old Amanda Anderson of Zanesville, Ohio and told officers she was the other person seen in the video.

Anderson and Gay were to appear in East Liverpool Municipal Court Wednesday morning to answer charges of improperly tampering with the property of another.