Animal Charity of Ohio received a call on Tuesday from the City Housing Authority about a house on Hayden Drive in Youngstown.

Mary Louk, Board President of Animal Charity of Ohio, said that someone was complaining of a bad odor coming from the Hayden Drive home.

Animal Charity representatives went to take a look and red-tagged the house for deplorable living conditions. 

According to Louk, there was an elderly lady and her adult son living in the home.

The woman was taken to the hospital, while the son was told to either find another place to live or clean up the house.

Louk said that so far, 13 cats have been taken from the house; 10 adults and three kittens. 

The animals were infested with fleas and had weight and issues, according to Louk.

Animal Charity is asking for donations of kitten food to help.

Donations of litter, dry food, and canned food would be very much appreciated by Animal Charity of Ohio and can be dropped off 4140 Market Street.

You can also visit the Animal Charity of Ohio Facebook page to provide monetary donations.