The job of a firefighter can be dangerous in more ways than one as a member of the Youngstown Fire Department discovered.

Fireman Tommy Gibbs ended up going to the hospital himself after answering a call for a man with chest pains on the 500 block of North Belle Vista Avenue Sunday night.

According to a police report, the victim was yelling obscenities at everyone.

Since family members wanted to take the victim to the hospital themselves, Gibbs says he was helping the man into a car when the victim grabbed the car door and violently slammed it shut on Gibbs' head, smashing it between the door and the door pillar.

Gibbs, who says he was in extreme pain, was taken to Northside Hospital.

Fire officials say that they believe the incident was an accident, and that the man did not realize Gibbs had stuck his head inside the door. 

Fire officials say Gibbs was treated at the hospital and released. He was back on the job Monday.

The fire department said that there is no plan to pursue criminal charges at this time.