A would-be burglar picked the wrong house to mess with in Austintown this week. 

The homeowner is an accomplished artist and used his skills to show police exactly who they're looking to find.

21 News has introduced you to Ron Moore, Jr. before. He is a local artist with Parkinson's Disease. 

On Tuesday, his home in a typically quiet Austintown neighborhood became the target of an attempted burglary. 

"The door jam is cracked," said Moore.

Moore said he had just left his house when he realized he forgot his wallet and turned to come back. That's when he spotted a man trying to get in his front door.

"I got to about 15-20 feet away from the guy. I just yelled, 'Hey,  can I help you?' He said a few curse words at me and took off running," said Moore.

Moore didn't get a long look at the suspect, but long enough to start a sketch.

"As I was sketching, I probably did five or six sketches. First I sketched his eyes, then I sketched his mouth and nose and then I put them all together," Moore said.

The end result is a sketch he hopes will help police track down the suspect.

"I just happened to be blessed with the ability to do artwork," said Moore. "I can't help but believe God gave me that ability if for nothing else, for this day."

The end result is a sketch, he hopes will help police track down the suspect.

Austintown police are asking anyone with information to call their crime watch tip line at 330-270-5108.