Cafeteria workers from across the Valley are coming together to help their counterparts in Paradise, California after deadly wildfires. 

Officials say students in Paradise returned to school yesterday, after wildfires ravaged their community, leaving homes and even schools destroyed. 

The local chapter of the School Nutrition Association says the tragedy has "hit home". 

"The families in Paradise that work in the school nutrition program have been devastated by the fires.  32 out of 38 families in this community that are lunch ladies, have lost everything they own, " said Natalie Winkle, Boardman Food Service Supervisor.  "I could not imagine waking up one day and having everything I own gone, not even a toothbrush, or clothes for my children."

The union, which includes cafeteria workers and school food service directors from the Valley, says they are determined to raise money to help their counterparts in Paradise who are suffering from the devastation.  

On Thursday, December 6 at 6 PM,  dozens of school cafeteria workers and food service directors from Northeast Ohio will meet at Glenwood Junior High School in Boardman.   

They will hold a White Elephant Sale--bringing wrapped gifts and auctioning them off to the highest bidder. 

All profits will go to Paradise nutrition families--a group called "Sisters of the Skillet in Paradise, California.